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Where does the line between psychology and philosophy lie

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BigBoss    10

I started with being training formally in experimental psychology at UG level. When I became interested in philosophy I realised some areas having similarities. Has anyone else come across this? Does it matter to you that one might be categorized as psychology and the other philosophy? It has often confused me because if I want to further pursue a particular line of thought my formal training might come into play which is a bit more logical and empirical than philosophy.

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999    10

I think it depends on what type of philosophy you might be referring to. Modern philosophy might have a blurry line with pure theoretical psychology, but ancient philopshy I don't think can be confused with psychology which more of a contemporary discipline.

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Philosopher8    10

First of all, you, like a whole history of so called philosophers, have taken the wrong path. 

There are, by definition and fact, very, very few actual philosophers in history and the bulk of what are called philosophers are actually only sophist, never understanding what philosophy is at all. 

A Philosopher starts with the Law of Identity as it applies to man, himself. A man is not different from himself. 

A Philosopher knows, at least to some level, that a mind is responsible for the behavior of the body within which it resides. 

A Philosopher knows that a mind is a language processor. Confucius knew this. Plato knew this, The author of the Judeo-Christian Scripture knew this. 

So, A mind is one of a group of life support systems of the human body. As such it has a well defined biologically determined job to perform, It has its area of life supporting product to contribute to the body whole. 

A mind is responsible for the production of human behavior over time such that that behavior maintains and promotes life IN THE UNIVERSAL.  Every other life support system of the body is geared towards a particular part of the environment. 

A mind functions wholly through the art of language, both branches, Logic, which are indexing systems such as common grammar and mathematics, and Analogic, which encompass standards of behavior which maintain and promote life. 


Language is effected by standards of behavior. Standards of behavior is called Law. 


And so you see, the second mistake you made was that there really is such a branch of study today in regard to psychology, when in fact, if you had been paying attention, they do not even know what a man is. 


My name is John, I have have been written about since the time of Moses. I would only be here at a particular time in human history, a time when at least some people can come to understand what they are, why they are, and where we have to go. 


A work which you might consider, a work which contains a whole lot mankind has claimed impossible, can be found by searching johnclark8659 on the Internet Archive. Every bit of it is taken step by step to facilitate understanding. 


That work is in regard to Universal Law, and presents the foundation of Universal Language. It even presents a means to study it with Basic Analog Mathematics. 

A Universal Language. by me, 

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Jolly    10
On 12/05/2017 at 11:00 AM, psyche said:

Psychology is under the umbrella of philosophy.

How? Psychology is considered a science, and philosophy isn't. For it to be under the umbrella surely philosophy must also be a science?

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