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  1. Hello to all. I have recently written an article on healhty narcissism. There was a lot of debate on the subject and I wonder what you also think. In short, narcissism as a general trait is bad, that is well established by now. However, what if there are healthy and useful sides to specific forms of narcissism? To start with, we all possess a degree of narcissism. Degrees of self-esteem, self-value and self-regard are very healthy for us and essential for our individual identities. Lack of self-interest is a bad sign and equals to inability to protect and support ourselves in the world. Healthy narcissism allows people to feel motivated and inspired. It helps people cope with stress, anxieties and feelings of low self-worth. Internal needs of being noticed, achieving goals and setting high standards for ourselves are desirable and should be encouraged. Healthy narcissism means looking after yourself, loving yourself, placing importance to your needs, and not neglecting you own desires, too. Motivates you to look good, stay fit and healthier, live longer and have a better quality of life. Respecting and valuing yourself will result in increased self esteem, in prioritising what is important in life and will make it easy to deal with bossy and manipulative people. What do you think? All opinions welcome.