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  1. Summary: Recent studies have reported on a link between maternal infection and subsequent higher risk of autism in offspring. A new study from ACES reports similar findings in pigs. Mother pigs who develop infection during pregnancy have a higher risk … View the full article
  2. Summary: The neurological benefits experienced by those with epilepsy who follow ketogenic diets may be a result of the low carb diet lowering brain inflammation, researchers report. Source: UCSF. Ketogenic diets — extreme low-carbohydrate, high-fat regimens that have long been … View the full article
  3. Two child-care employees were arrested after a video showed them abusing and taunting an autistic child in Winter Haven, Florida. Kaderrica Smith, 26, and Alexus Henderson, 19, can be seen mocking the child, who is 8. They also are seen … View the full article
  4. Summary: A new study reports on the dangers of using synthetic cannabis products on a person’s brain and general health. Source: University of Tsukuba. Marijuana is the most commonly abused drug in the world, and the advent of synthetic cannabinoids … View the full article
  5. Summary: Researchers discover post stroke neurogenesis in the hippocampus is linked to worse performance in hippocampal memory tasks. Source: PLOS. Neurogenesis is a complex biological process by which neurons are generated from neural stem cells and progenitor cells. Indeed, the … View the full article
  6. Summary: Combining non-invasive brain stimulation with a person’s favorite music from the past may help to activate old memories and improve mood for older patients with MCI, a new study reports. Source: Baycrest. Baycrest will embark on the first study … View the full article
  7. Summary: UCSF researchers have developed a new genetic risk factor test that takes into account more than 24 genetic variants, each of which are associated with a small risk of Alzheimer’s disease. The researchers say the test is a better … View the full article
  8. Summary: While it is widely believed social cues can accelerate puberty, previous studies have found it difficult to clearly identify the most crucial signals responsible for the change. A new study in PLOS Biology reveals sexual touch contributes to the … View the full article
  9. Summary: A new study reveals how the mood of one friend can impact the moods of others in their social circle. Source: University of Warwick. Study suggests that depression doesn’t have the same effect. New research suggests that both good … View the full article
  10. Research suggests self-help exercises could be better for you than cognitive behavioural therapy ‘Researchers say you might as well be your own therapist,” the website Quartz proclaimed recently, in light of a new study that found a vanishingly small … View the full article
  11. Bottom Line: A pre-existing diagnosis of dementia was associated with increased risk of death for older patients with advanced colon cancer; however, some of the effects of dementia on survival could be mediated by receipt of chemotherapy. Journal in Which … View the full article
  12. As anyone living with dementia can explain, the minutiae of daily tasks can consume one’s life. Whether it’s finding your purse because it’s not where you usually leave it, or not being able to read the face of a clock … View the full article