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  1. well yeah... one could say, but i'm not talking about like "knowledgeable" i'm saying they're like wise, i guess... or resourceful would be a more appropriate word. i noticed that people like them, anti-social, i guess would be a word, are smart, yes, knowledgeable, yes, but most importantly, they're resourceful. they can see things in different ways and perspectives, and use methods in a completely unique and creative way. I talked about it with a friend of mine once, and what he said was that, "maybe it's because that their right brain is more active, making them more of a creative thinker." i agreed at that time, failing to notice that with the right brain also comes interpersonal skills; ergo, it might not be possible. but still, it's not something that i am sure of, and just a conclusion.
  2. can mind break actually happen? first, what is mind break? something like when someone goes into a passive, submissive, and completely indifferent mental state as a result of extensive mental and/or physical trauma or when a person is unable to differentiate abuse and mistakes it for love or affection; making the person completely submissive, even masochistic. examples of such: when a wife abused physically, emotionally, and sexually by her husband turns masochistic and prefers to be abused after soem time due to stress and such. or when a student bullied by his female classmates falls in love with the ringleader. or something like where the person thinks something like, "maybe i like this," or "maybe this is all i have to do," or "this is not bad at all," or anything similar. the quetion is, can this really happen?
  3. Hey guys, just a question. Why are apathetic, antisocial, and psychopathic people usually intellectual? Usually you find these people more intellectual than an average person, especially psychopaths. Psychopaths, for example, can perform crimes without fail and leaving traces. Also the people I know who are really intellectual are usually loners (doesn't really interact with others) and/or lazy (and apathetic) people. Is there a reason why? Now this is just my theory, but I think: It's because the resources not dedicated to thinking about others, gets pointed to their own thinking or processing ability instead. Now I'm not sure if this is correct or something, but if anyone knows can you please explain why. Thanks~
  4. Just been wondering.... why are the anti-social people usually the smart ones. I used to have a classmate and she doesn't really interact that much, but at the same time she's really really smart. And also when I read books the people who are anti-social usually really smart. Is there a reason for this?
  5. The A.u.s.t.i.n. Method

    Dude isn't this like psychomanipulation? hahahahaa https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Psychological_manipulation
  6. I'm a high school student and I have a bit of an interest in psychology... I already completed (or at least finished) cognitive, developmental and personality... I found coursera, a site where I can learn social psychology, it was really really nice because the lessons were discussed through videos (much easier learning than the previous ones...) But before I finished the course, it was already deleted.... Does anyone know a site where I can learn social psychology like that? if possible through videos, since I saw the other sites and they were all through text.... thanks...