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      Welcome to Brain Scholars! Brain Scholars is an online community platform dedicated to promoting intellectual discussion around matters of the brain and mind amongst academics, professionals and the public.Registration is free and easy, but you may also post in our forums as a guest, without registering.  If you'd like to keep up with the latest discussions we post regularly to Twitter and Facebook,

Academia, Careers and Education


  1. Careers, Disciplines and Professional Matters

    Engage in discussion regarding careers related to the brain or the mind. Explore professional or graduate opportunities; organizational politics; academic-related research positions; universities and academic institutions; commercial environments; entry from another discipline; leaving a relevant discipline.

  2. Training, Skills Development and Education

    General discussions on the education and training related to the brain and mind such as those in degrees and formal qualifications. Explore ways to enhance your abilities and discover additional training resources to add your skill set, and get advice on pursuing training in specialist areas within your field.