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      Welcome to Brain Scholars! Brain Scholars is an online community platform dedicated to promoting intellectual discussion around matters of the brain and mind amongst academics, professionals and the public.Registration is free and easy, but you may also post in our forums as a guest, without registering.  If you'd like to keep up with the latest discussions we post regularly to Twitter and Facebook,

Exploring the Brain and the Mind


  1. Introduction to the Mind, General Psychology and Philosophy

    What is the mind? Debate on issues such as psychological theory; research; the biopsychosocial model; ethical issues; nature and nurture; and free will. Also discuss philosophical models such as determinism; and reductionism and their relationship with psychology.

  2. Cognitive Functioning

    Discuss all topics relating to the functioning of the mind itself. Explore areas within cognitive psychology. This includes: intelligence; perception and attention; memory; learning and behavior; consciousness; language and thinking; problem-solving and decision-making. You can also discuss computer-brain interfaces including artificial intelligence.

  3. Sociology and Social Psychology

    Discuss all topics relating to study, development and structure of human society. Also explore the elements of social psychology: social influence and social action; attitudes; prejudice; conformity; the self and others; obedience; relationships; aggression and prosocial behaviour.

  4. Clinical Psychology & Psychiatry

    What constitutes as a mental disorder? Discuss the study of topics relating to psychopathology and psychiatry: mood disorders; psychoses; eating disorders; personality disorders; somatoform and neurological disorders; medicinal treatments and drugs; talking therapies; diagnoses and classifications. 

  5. Neuroscience, Biological Psychology & Brain Physiology

    Discuss all topics related to neuroscience; biological psychology; the nervous system; neuropsychology; physiology; neuroanatomy; consciousness; sensation and perception; genetics; evolution; emotion; addiction; and the biological basis of behavior.

  6. Latest Research   (429 visits to this link)

    What's the latest in research? Keep updated and view the latest research studies across all aspects related to the brain and mind from across the Internet in one place.